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Composing a Music Career: Flutist Taylore Fowler ’14

The flute may produce a small sound, but within an orchestra, it can make a big impact.

Flutist Taylore Fowler ’14, a Stevens Music & Technology major, is in many ways like her instrument. Sweet and soft-spoken, she’s a force of positivity and success within the Stevens undergraduate community with a bright future ahead.

Fowler, who is 1st Flute and 1st Piccolo in seven different Stevens Band Ensembles and has also created orchestrations for the Stevens Woodwind Ensemble, has always had a love of music.

“I was exposed to music at a very young age and it has had a really big impact on my life,” said Fowler, who lists Alicia Keys, Muse, Florence and the Machine, Chopin, Bach and Mozart among her favorite artists. “My mom would play classical, jazz, rock and funk to me before I was even born.”

The Belmar, N.J. native came to Stevens because it was one of the few universities which offered her the opportunity to study both music and technology, preparing her for careers in either producing or composing.

“At Stevens, I knew I could learn how to orchestrate and also how to record,” she said. “The Music & Technology program does a terrific job of meshing the two artistries together.”

She was also drawn to Stevens’ many offerings and opportunities coupled with a family-like environment.

“Stevens has everything a big school offers, only in a small-school atmosphere,” Fowler said. “It’s an extremely welcoming community. Some of my professors have even shared their cell phone numbers. It truly is an education unlike any other.”

As an undergraduate, Fowler has done everything she can to advance her knowledge of the music industry and turn her childhood passion into a long-term future.

Through two intriguing off-campus internships at EMI and Cueniverse, Fowler has dabbled in music marketing and digital sales. She also works in the Stevens Ondrick Music Room, handling all of the music for the Stevens Orchestra.

“It’s nice to have internships in the music industry that apply directly to my school work,” Fowler said.

Through the highly-competitive Stevens Scholars program, Fowler has also analyzed orchestral scores and conductor performance techniques under the guidance of Andy Brick, distinguished industry associate professor of Music & Technology at Stevens.

“I’m learning what a conductor truly sees when leading an orchestra and therefore what should be the most important aspects on a musical score,” Fowler said. “It’s great knowledge for my own composition.”

Brick has been impressed with Fowler’s contributions to his research.

“Taylore is a great example of a student who embraces the delicate balance between music and technology that our major has cultivated over many years,” he said. “An accomplished flutist and promising orchestrator, Taylore has a wonderful ability to perceive technology as a reflection of her creativity.”

Fowler attributes her success at Stevens in part to Stevens Technical Enrichment Program (STEP), which offers programs, services and activities to support the academic, personal and professional development of students from underrepresented groups. Fowler took math, science and humanities courses through the STEP Summer Bridge program before her freshman year began, which she said gave her a leg up from her classmates.

“I gained a lot of knowledge, came in prepared, and even met some of my best friends,” Fowler said. “Now, I still take advantage of STEP workshops on resumes, career development and more. It is a great program.”

For Fowler, however, an innate drive to excel is what really sets her apart – a characteristic she said is shared by many in the Stevens community.

“The best thing about Stevens is that everyone is motivated and wants to do well. There is a very high caliber of students, which is a nice environment in which to spend four years,” she said.

Fowler hasn’t yet settled on a future career and plans to continue to explore her options before she graduates in 2014.

“I enjoy the corporate side of the music industry, and hope to continue my internships and possibly pursue full-time work in that vein. But I also love orchestrating and composing. So anything that allows me to do both would be perfect for me,” she said.