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The Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce at Stevens

Stevens Institute of Technology was in 2008 named by the US Department of Homeland Security as one of five national Centers of Excellence and was selected to lead a national research effort to address Port Security. Stevens was one of 11 universities to partner with the DHS in its efforts. The Department’s partners serve as important team members for conducting multi-disciplinary research and creating innovative learning environments for critical homeland security missions.

The Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce at Stevens focuses on sensors, modeling and analysis to improve maritime domain awareness. The center also addresses the question: can a marine transportation system be designed for the United States that is resilient to man-made and natural threats.

With our partners, the Center has broken new ground in the integrated use of multi-scale sensors and computer simulation and forecasting models to equip our port security and first responder communities with the technologies and processes needed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Marine Transportation System, which is responsible for the vast majority of the nation’s international commerce. True to the Stevens tradition, the Center weaves these research activities into educational and professional training programs, to ensure that its students are equipped to contribute immediately to the solutions to these very complex problems.

Federal funding for the Center of Excellence in Port Security was the result of a highly selective, national competition among research universities and did not involve any congressional earmarks. The grant is highly specific, controlled and audited.