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CCSE planning partnership with CarePoint to provide health care to urban poor

Stevens is lending its technical expertise to a help solve a very human problem, that of providing medical care to people in poverty. The School of Systems and Enterprises has recently begun working on innovative ways to deliver such help with CarePoint Health, the company that operates Hoboken University Medical Center, Bayonne Medical Center and Christ Hospital in Jersey City.

“Our focus is on the urban poor, and how do we provide care to them,” said William Rouse, the SSE professor who is leading the Stevens side. “We want to provide more care in outpatient settings so people don’t get in the emergency room.”

Rouse said the project will focus on community outreach. The project is still in the planning stage, but Stevens will eventually handle designing the system while CarePoint delivers medical care. “We will have the lead on economic analysis, computational modeling, things of that nature,” Rouse said. “We have those competencies”

Rouse said the partnership with CarePoint currently involves a $10 million dollar proposal.  CCSE is also working and Indiana University Health on care models for Alzheimer’s disease and post-ICU care, and with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on out-patient cancer care.

The collaboration with CarePoint could make a positive impact on individuals who need care and also entire communities. “This is an idea that could lead to dramatic savings, and we just have to figure out how best to run an operation like that,” Rouse said.