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An 'A' from the C-Suite: Pershing Praises Stevens MBA Students

One of the hallmarks of the MBA program at the Howe School of Technology Management is an exposure to practical studies that combine instruction in both the classic management fields and the understanding and use of technology in the modern workplace.

For MBA candidates in the school’s Field Consulting Program, that was especially true over the course of the spring semester, as they worked with Pershing LLC to help the Jersey City-based provider of services to other financial organizations better understand the threat technology posed to the company’s business model.

And following their presentation to managers at Pershing in the spring, the team was invited back in July to meet with the company’s senior executive management team as the project adviser delivered a summary of the work to managing directors, including the CFO and CIO.

The specific mission of the MBA team was to assess how its business might be affected by the rise of computer-enabled systems that use intelligent algorithms to automatically manage an individual’s finances — in other words, how the technology that’s disrupted everything from travel agencies to music stores might impact investing and personal finance.

The students hit the ball out of the park, said Rich Bingham, a director in Pershing’s Global Strategy, Marketing and Communications group. 

“Each time we sat down with you, I was more and more impressed,” he said to the students. “We’re so grateful for your insight. You validated some key points we’ve been discussing and also brought in some great new concepts that made us think differently about the challenge at hand.”

That’s the goal of the Field Consulting Program, said Howe Professor Murad Mithani, who gave the presentation to Pershing’s managing directors.

The program, Mithani said, “works as a high knowledge, high impact consulting arrangement that combines the creativeness of academic experience with the practicality of professional experience. Students are expected to propose expert solutions to real organizations seeking change.

“This requires students to not only capitalize on their academic work in believing that once they have all the pieces of the puzzle in place, things can start working, but they work closely with the people who are eager to translate their ideas into action.”

About the Howe MBA degree

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