"Automated Analysis and Discovery of Meaning From Large Repositories of Research Content" David Seuss, Northern Light


SSE Seminar Series

Automated Analysis and Discovery of Meaning From Large Repositories of Research Content

David Seuss

CEO, Northern Light

ABSTRACT: Mr. Seuss will present the opportunities, challenges, and methods associated with the creation of systems for the automated analysis and discovery of meaning from large research repositories.  Traditionally, literature research requires manual identification and evaluation of relevant text sources. Because there are so many documents relevant to any interesting research topic, the resulting process is extraordinarily labor intensive.  Consequently, researchers often limit the scope and scale of their analysis. Often times, researchers out of necessity focus their assessments on title, abstracts, and keywords of research articles only, without the ability to examine the full-text of a meaningful percentage of the documents responsive to a search query.  An iterating back through the research repository as hypotheses evolve is impractical.  By contrast, text analytics, particularly when extended with meaning extraction techniques, can significantly improve literature assessments as they enable researchers to examine all of the unstructured full-text data on every document pertinent to a research topic, even if the document count is in the millions. And rerunning the meaning extraction process with refined criteria as new ideas emerge from the research becomes a doable task.  But using meaning extraction for research is a new frontier and there is little guidance and few tools out there for practitioners. Mr. Seuss will present a live system for meaning extraction that is in use in large research-driven technology companies and has been used in one recent case to preform research of academic journal literature.

BIO: C. David Seuss joined Northern Light in July of 1996 and led an employee group in purchasing Northern Light from its corporate parent in 2003. Prior to Northern Light, David was founder and CEO of Spinnaker Software Corporation, which he led from inception to being a public, NASDAQ-listed company.  Before starting Spinnaker, David was a consultant and manager for the Boston Consulting Group, running teams working with global companies on issues of corporate strategy. Between Spinnaker and Northern Light, David founded Vannevar Management which provided merger and acquisition consulting and financing assistance to high technology ventures. Earlier in his career, he was an engineer in the chemical industry for Olin Corporation. David spends his afterhours as a nationally-competitive saber fencer, a professional sports car racer, and an amateur blues guitarist. David holds an industrial engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School.