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Aurora Group Internship Brings Chinese Student Full Circle

For two months this summer, Stevens student Shuyuan Jin ’16 returned to his hometown of Shanghai to hold a fascinating internship at the Aurora Group.

A top 100 company in China and Taiwan, the Aurora Group specializes in office automation equipment, office furniture, communications and electronics.

Rotating between a series of business units, Jin touched many facets of the global company. Some key achievements included analyzing the cost and performance of three different types of drawer slides, contributing to a reference book about design technique and processing, and helping to design a more efficient steel assembly line.

“The most important thing I learned is that the key to managing an international company is to make sure time, space and manpower are all extremely efficient,” said Jin, an engineering management major. “What’s more, the spirit and culture of a company is what makes every employee work hard and turn the biggest profit.”

Jin, who came to Stevens because of its excellent career development reputation and location next door to the numerous job opportunities in New York City, credits Stevens’ engineering programs with helping him secure the prestigious internship, as well as excel during his time at the Aurora Group.

Jin also said Stevens helped him determine his future career path – to start his own successful company. He was especially inspired by the first-year course “Introduction to Entrepreneurship,” taught by Dr. Peter Koen and Dr. Gary Lynn.

“After that course, I changed by career goal,” he said. “Instead of being a successful manager, I aim to be an excellent entrepreneur.”

But realize his dream, Jin knows first he needs to turn himself into an outstanding employee.

“I learned what kind of employees an entrepreneur wants and what value the entrepreneur wants them to bring,” Jin said.

The Aurora Group internship helped him take this initial first step.

Jin is part of the US-Sino Pathway Program (USPP), an initiative of the Consortium of North American Universities (CNAU) which connects high-achieving Chinese high school students with one of seven leading U.S. universities, including Stevens, to pursue their bachelor’s degrees.