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Annual Senior Projects Expo Set for April 27

On Wednesday, April 27, Stevens will host its annual Senior Projects Expo, a showcase of the design projects of graduating seniors.
More than 100 groups are collaborating on projects that will be on display on Wednesday. The projects involve a range of disciplines and scales, including: alternative energy projects from microscopic reactors to wave-energy platforms; vehicles from airplanes to cars to submersibles; and biomedical applications for the surgeon, battlefield medic, and handicapped shopper.
Margaret Przeszlo, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, is working on a project entitled Facemask. According to the project description, the Facemask is a Facebook application that will seek to alert a user of deceptive messages, wall posts, chats and friend requests so that they may report it, protecting their identity. The application will aid Facebook in eliminating users who seek information for malicious purposes.
“Senior D has been quite stressful at times for my group member and I. Having to learn a completely different coding language from scratch has been difficult but definitely worthwhile,” Margaret states. “It feels great to be almost done! It'll be great to finally show off what we've been working on for two semesters now.”
She continues: “The process of Senior Design gives us a sense of what projects will be like after we graduate.  We’ve learned a greater sense of time management, communication skills, keeping up on updates and making sure our hardware doesn't crash! We are responsible for all aspects of the process, including having the proper equipment and resources to compete the project.”
An Engineering Management team is working on a project called Magnificent Baby. The group is serving as inventory management consultants for the baby clothing line of the same name. The team has identified problem areas and proposed solutions to accommodate the expanding business.
“This experience has taught me a great deal of professionalism. There were so many times where I had to make phone calls and set up appointments which was a little outside my comfort zone. Sometimes I had to anticipate questions and have prepared answers because being on a consulting project demands that you must constantly be the expert,” says Ceceila Williams, a member of the Magnificent Baby group. “Our team works very well together and being in the home stretch is great! It’s so awesome to look at all of our hard work and the results from our accomplishments.”
Major attractions at Senior Design Expo are the interactive demonstrations, prototypes on display, and informative talks about research projects and results, generating an exciting, energetic atmosphere. The public is welcome to attend the event to view the innovations. Senior Design Expo is held in the Canavan Arena, in the Schaefer Athletic Center on April 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.