Altida Patimetha - Hydrogel research and international collaboration

<p><img src="/ses/oaca/images/altida2.jpg" alt="" width="250" align="left" hspace="6" vspace="6" /><strong>Altida Patimetha</strong>, a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student, works with <a href="">Dr. Matthew Libera</a> in the development of advanced methods of preventing infection during orthopedic implant procedures. This unique research involves hydrogels which act as a protective barrier between the surfaces of an implant and airborne bacteria.</p>
<p><br /> Altida originally worked with Dr. Libera through her enrollment in the Stevens Scholars program which allows for undergraduate students to conduct research over the summer for ten weeks while providing a stipend and housing. When Stevens offered a co-op program with the University Medical Center of Gronigen (UMCG) in the Netherlands she jumped on the chance to study abroad.</p>
<p>Her research at UMCG involved cooperative efforts with international students that studied the composition of bacterial cells and the cell cultures that could control their proliferation. Their findings were then used in a flow-cell experiment made by Yi Wang, a Ph.D. student of Dr. Libera&rsquo;s, and contribute to the fine tuning of hydrogel technology.</p>
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