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In the Aftermath of Sandy, a Community Comes Together

Hurricane Sandy hit the Stevens and Hoboken community hard, leaving chaos and wreckage in its wake. During this difficult time, Hoboken residents, Stevens students, and volunteers from all over the area poured out generosity and support. Ucchishta Sivaguru, computer science undergraduate, recounts his experience:

“It was unbelievable waking up the morning after Hurricane Sandy made landfall to find a huge fallen tree on the campus ground, revealing its large roots. It was an indication of the strength and fierceness of the winds that caused so much devastation.

“Losing power, hot water, and Internet on campus was hard for everyone. Residents who had electricity in their homes demonstrated amazing generosity by setting up outlets and power strips on the sidewalk for others to charge their electronic devices. You could see people charging their phones and exchanging stories street after street in Hoboken. I can't describe how heart-warming it was to see how friendly strangers could be during such difficult times.

“I was lucky enough to have great friends who were willing to spare me an extra bed in their apartment for the past week. At night before I fell asleep, I would think about those who weren’t as lucky, lying in the dark with a hungry stomach, waiting for the warmth of the sun to return. Thankfully, the facilities team at Stevens did a great job working hard around the clock to restore heat and power on campus as quickly as possible. This is definitely an experience that I will remember for years to come.”

Hoboken's location
Hoboken's location across the Hudson River from NYC

Graduate student Lance Burgo reports on how the media turned to specialists at Stevens for information on Hurricane Sandy:

While many from the Stevens community have been volunteering for the local Hoboken community, members of the Stevens faculty have been contributing their expertise to help the world understand the scope and severity of Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, Stevens is home to the New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System (NYHOPS) which has been a valuable asset in determining and understanding meteorological and oceanographic conditions during this extreme weather event. Below are links to videos and articles from the past week of various members of the media consulting Stevens experts and NYHOPS on Hurricane Sandy, its effects on the area, and methods to minimize damage from strong storms in the future.



We are so thankful for all the donations, volunteers, students, and National Guard, who were so generous and worked hard in the days following Sandy to help Hoboken recover.

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