Nano-Energy Laboratory


The nano-energy lab, located in Gateway South 102, investigates various thermal transport phenomena for high efficient thermal energy conversion and thermal management in electronics. The research topics are at the interface of energy conversion, materials science, and nanotechnology.

Recent work include the prediction of novel thermal transport properties through the various computational modeling methods, such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics simulation, and also the machine learning-based method. It also include the characterizations of these properties using home-built instruments.


  • 3-omega system for thin film/bulk thermal conductivity measurement

  • Home-build optical pump-probe system for thermal transport property measurement

  • Lock-in amplifier

  • Bell Jar vacuum chamber

  • Cryostat 10K<T

  • Various Keithley multimeter and source meters

  • VASP for first principles and machine-learning-based calculation

  • 72-core Workstation


Fan Yang