Conference Room Policy

Policy for the Reservation of Conference Room 208-B

  1. Room 208-B will not be used as classroom space.  It is a conference room for meetings only.

  2. No recurring reservations are permitted (for example, weekly meetings).

  3. Reservations for Conference Room 208-B may be made by Stevens students, faculty, and staff.  Arrangements for the use of the conference room will be made with library staff members Linda Beninghove, John Cruz, or Nydia Cruz.  Reservations require the date, meeting start time and end time, and contact information.  Reservations are placed on the library's internal calendar, viewable by library staff members.

  4. Upon arrival at the library, the requester or designated person will give a Stevens ID card to the Circulation Services Desk attendant and the card will be held at the Desk for the duration of the meeting.  The attendant will go upstairs to unlock the door to Conference Room 208-B. 

  5. Conference Room 208-B is equipped with a fan, flat-screen television, and a portable screen.  Requesters agree to report any equipment problems immediately to a member of the library staff.

  6. The requester is responsible for trash removal to a trash can outside of Conference Room 208-B.

  7. The requester is responsible for making any arrangements for food delivery, set-up, and removal.

  8. If catering is brought in, liquid, food, and ice will not be placed on the library furniture in order to protect the wood from damage.  The requester will ask Dining Services staff to provide food service tables as part of the catering order.

  9. The group will leave the conference room in the condition in which it was found.  If the group brings in additional equipment, chairs, or tables, the group is responsible for their immediate removal following the meeting.

  10. The group will turn off the fan, television, and lights upon leaving the conference room.

  11. At the end of the meeting, it is very important that the group remembers to collect the Stevens ID from the Circulation Services Desk attendant and to notify the attendant that the meeting has finished.

  12. The group agrees to be respectful of the quiet study taking place in the adjacent quiet study room, 208-A.

  13. If the group does not adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines, the library reserves the right to end this conference room use agreement.

  14. Regular rounds of the library building are made during the library's hours of operation, the Conference Room will be regularly inspected by library staff.  Groups are asked to report any damaged equipment, furniture, or vandalism to the Circulation Services Desk attendant immediately.  The requester will be held responsible for any damage or vandalism that occurs during the reservation period, resulting in loss of library room reservation privileges and a report will be filed with the Office of Student Life.

  15. The library reserves the right to update this policy as needed.