Databases by Subject

Library databases contain information from multiple sources.  These sources include scholarly journals, newspapers, conference papers, and magazines.  Databases are web-based and accessible through the library's website. If you are accessing from off-campus, you will be asked to log-in to your myStevens account.



Google & Google Scholar are useful, but library databases are consistently more reliable and efficient.


  1. Databases are more likely to contain the full text of articles.
    - If you find an article through Google, you will most likely be asked to pay for it
  2. Databases have advanced search features.
    - You can choose to search only for scholarly sources
    - You can limit your search to a specific time period, author, publication, or subject terms
  3. Databases are either discipline-specific or multidisciplinary.
    For example, if you're searching for articles about economics & finance, you can search in specialized databases for that subject area.  Or, you can search in a database that covers many different academic subjects, from engineering to science to history to business.