6 Dec 2018
ABS 301

The Science and Mythos of Hypnosis

Featuring: Orin Davis, Ph.D., Quality of Life Laboratory

Research shows that many who have not studied Psychology or seen a practitioner have a significant number of misconceptions about hypnosis.  This multimedia presentation will showcase and debunk many of the common myths along with their sources. From du Maurier’s Trilby, to Derren Brown’s televised stunts, the public is bombarded with misinformation about the nature and mechanisms of hypnosis. This lecture will show how hypnosis really works, and will bust common myths like control, lack of consciousness, amnesia, and others. A demonstration and Q&A will follow.

Orin C. Davis, Ph.D. is a positive psychologist who has published in multiple fields, including creativity and hypnosis. He is a startup advisor and an HR consultant who makes workplaces great places to work. He runs the Quality of Life Laboratory (www.qllab.org).

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