Heath Lecture Series

The A. Roy Heath Leadership Seminar Series is designed to give the Stevens community an opportunity to listen to - and learn from - the experiences of corporate leaders in business and industry.

The seminars are offered through the Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management. Speakers provide guidance on a number of leadership topics in the areas of business and technology including:

  • Effective Communication
  • Leading Teams
  • Creating & Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Promoting Innovation & Creativity
  • Selling Yourself & Your Ideas
  • Motivating Others to Succeed
  • Ethical & Social Responsibility
Spring 2015

Dr. Paul Bracken, Professor Yale University
Silicon Valley and the Pentagon: Disruptive Innovation and National Security
April 22, 2015 @ 4:30pm
Babbio 122 
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The digital revolution has transformed one business after another. Dr. Bracken will describe how the digital revolution is disrupting the Pentagon as well. Much more than cyber-attacks, Paul Bracken will illustrate how the digital revolution is transforming the military services, the intelligence community, and the Pentagon's whole conception of strategy.   

About A. Roy Heath

As a Stevens Institute of Technology undergraduate A. Roy Heath was a hard worker, motivated by the belief that an ambitious, determined individual can thrive in any business situation. When he graduated in 1938, he faced the future with confidence. He had received a top quality technological education, earned excellent grades, and gained practical experience at Stevens. But he soon discovered that a person needs much more than technical expertise to forge a successful career.

The ability to work well and communicate with others, in Mr. Heath's opinion, is the true measure of potential for success. Simple virtues - honesty, loyalty, teamwork - are as essential as technical prowess when managing technical enterprises.

Mr. Heath made his technical mark early as a manufacturer's representative, specializing in packing, gaskets, flexible metal, hose valves, waveguides and conduits. He established his own company, A. Roy Heath Associates in 1952. In 1969 Mr. Heath was one of the original investors in Prince Value, Inc. a manufacturer of swing check valves. A decade later, he co-founded Cannon Valves, Inc., a small ball valve manufacturing firm that was later sold to Demco, Inc. Mr. Heath retired in 1982, but before long he missed the excitement of the world of work, so in 1984 he repurchased Cannon Valves, Inc.


Speakers from previous years include:

  • Jim Cummins, Imagemaker (video of presentation)
  • Rich Petricionne, Ph.D., Sr. Vice President, NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Company
  • Thomas Thees, CEO, BONDS.com Group Inc. (video of presentation)
  • Dr. Steven H. Landers, President & CEO, VNA Health Group (click for video of the presentation)
  • Christopher Frank '93, American Express & Paul Magnone '93, Openet Telecom
  • Dean Kamen , Founder, DEKA Research & Development Corporation
  • Michael Roberto, Trustee Professor of Management, Bryant University
  • David S. Rose, CEO & Founder, Rose Tech Ventures
  • Greg Gianforte, CEO & Founder, RightNow Technologies
  • David Fine, Founder, Former President & CEO, CyTerra
  • Josh Weston, Former CEO, ADP
  • Morris Tanenbaum, Executive Vice President, AT&T
  • Cardinal Warde, Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT
  • Albert Dunlap, President, Sunbeam Corporation
  • Dr. Paul V. Tebo, VP for Safety, Health & Environment, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.,
  • Aaron Cohen, Acting Director, NASA
  • Carlton Braun, Executive Director, Motorola Institute
  • Willis Willoughby, Director, Department of Defense,
  • Stephen Cuff, President, CALEX Corporation
  • Rocco Marano, President, Bellcore (formerly Telcordia)
  • Eric Baron, President, Consultative Resources, Inc.,


For more information please contact:

Zvi H. Aronson, Ph.D.,
Affiliate Associate Professor

Heath Leadership Series Coordinator
Phone: 201-216-5032
FAX: 201-216-5385
Email: zvi.aronson@stevens.edu

Prior events:

The Business of Perception and Images

  • Jim Cummins, Award-Winning American Photojournalist
  • September 24, 2014
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  • Rich Petricionne, Ph.D., Sr. VP, NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Company
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