Dr. Murrae J Bowden

Distinguished Service Professor & Program Director (EMTM,/EMBA, MBA, MSM and Pharmaceutical Management)

Building: Babbio Center
Room: 405
Office Hours:  Tues - Thurs: 3pm - 5pm
Phone: 201.216.8191
Fax: 201.216.8355
Email: mbowden@stevens.edu


  • Post Doctoral Fellow (1969-71) Polymer Science, University of Manchester, UK
  • PhD (1969) Polymer Science, University of Queensland, Australia
  • BS, First Class Honors in Physical Chemistry, 1965, University of Queensland, Australia

Professional Activities/Services

  • Over 100 technical publications in chemistry and lithography
  • 6 patents
  • Introduction to Microlithography
    • L. F. Thompson, C. G. Willson and M. J. Bowden, Eds., ACS Symposium Series 219, ACS, Washington, 1983. Second Edition published 1994.
    • Polymers for High Technology - Electronics and Photonics
    • M. J. Bowden and S. R. Turner, Eds., ACS Symposium Series 346, ACS, Washington, 1987.
    • Electronic and Photonic Applications of Polymers
    • M. J. Bowden and S. R. Turner, Eds., Advances in Chemistry Series 218, ACS, Washington, 1988.

  • Co-editor of 3 books

Research Projects Interests

  • Technology Management
  • R&D Management


President:  EMP Consulting.  Provides consulting services on materials and processes to the semiconductor masnufacturing industry.

Awards and Honors

  • Queensland University Medallist in chemistry, 1965
  • Electrochemical Society Young Author's Prize, 1973
  • IR 100 Award for development of COP and PBS electron beam resists, 1977
  • Outstanding American Inventor Award (Intellectual Property Owners Inc.), 1988
  • Carothers Award for contributions to the field of resist materials for microlithography (Delaware ACS Section), 1992
  • Bellcore President's Recognition Award, 1994
  • Lucent Technologies Patent Award, 1997

Professional Organizations and Societies

  • American Chemical Society
    • Member of Polymer and Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Divisions
    • Chairman PMSE Division, 1984
    • PMSE Fellow, 2000
    • PMSE Distinguished Service Award, 2009
  • International Society for Optoelectronics Engineering (SPIE)
  • American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM)