Howe Business Gets Done

Howe Business Gets Done

If you’re interested in studying business, the Howe School is the school for you. Whether you want to study Quantitative Finance and learn the latest in financial engineering and modeling for a job on Wall Street or understand the latest in social media and digital advertising to land a marketing job on Madison Ave., Howe provides the fundamentals, technology and access to get it done.

The business offerings at Howe stand uniquely above other business programs based on four factors:

Technology at its core. Howe borrows from the very essence of Stevens innovation and combines the latest technological applications to each of the six majors. Students have the opportunity to study everything from financial engineering to social media.

Academic Rigor. Students must meet a high credit requirement and undergo challenging coursework to earn a business degree. But the school also provides the opportunity to add in gradate level studies at no additional cost if graduate school is a goal upon graduation.

Real-World Application. All courses include real-world projects, many of which are sponsored by actual organizations. Professors have outstanding industry experience while top company leaders regularly visit classrooms.  Students learn how to be innovative and entrepreneurial by developing new business solutions.  

Top ROI. When it comes to business, return on investment is the name of the game. Stevens has been ranked 16th for return on investment based its placement success: 93% full-time placement; 90% internship placement; salaries 24% above the national average. Read the article.

Student Approved

Students relish the challenge that Howe provides. But students tell their stories better than we can. That’s why we have an active student blog in which students share their experiences – such as working directly with executives at MTV for a student project that tackled the issue of interactive television engagement. Hear from some of our students first-hand.

At your fingertips. On your doorstep.

Howe’s standout academic offerings are complemented by our close proximity to New York, where 50 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are based. Another 200 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are less than two hours from Stevens. It’s not uncommon for business leaders to use lunch breaks to guest lecture or for former executives and alumni to teach in our programs as Executives in Residence.

On campus, one of the other assets that Howe offers is access, studies and assignments with the Financial Systems Center (FSC). The mock trading floor provides first-hand insight into what it means to be a publicly traded company. So, no matter what business major you want to study, a degree from Howe will give you unprecedented access to learn what moves the market. You’ll be able to learn how a company’s performance is influenced not only by its own internal operations and strategies, but also by external variables such as political, social and economic influences.

While our classes are challenging, we also offer students added support so that they can succeed. All students are qualified to receive free, one-on-one tutoring from a mentor who has mastered a particular area of study. To learn more about this exciting program click here.

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