Message from the Director

Technology is integral to virtually every facet of business. It plays a pivotal role in the development, manufacture and delivery of innovative products and services to the marketplace, and is a primary driver of  the rapid pace of change today, forcing firms to respond to the impact of new technologies and innovations on their business models. Effective management of technology and innovation is thus a critical issue for all firms if they are to find new ways to compete and survive. Success in this hyper-competitive environment requires people with both technical expertise and business savvy who know how to manage and leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage for their company.

If you are at that point in your career where you are seeking to play a broader role in technology and management, I encourage you to consider the Howe School of Technology Management's specialized program in technology management, which has been designed for Experienced Professionals like you.

The core of the program is the Master of Science in Technology Management for Experienced Professionals (MSTM) which will provide you with the business and technology knowledge and managerial skills to advance your career. You can also  choose to bypass the MS degree and extend your studies to an MBA  degree via the MBA Extension Program for Experienced Professionals.

Join the ranks of our 1,000-plus graduates - people like Christine Miller, Owen Barton and Kaushal Shah whose career profiles truly reflect the value proposition of the MSTM/EMBA program. Their accomplishments, like those of many of our graduates, derive from personal passion and drive for excellence, coupled with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage technology innovation, which is our tradition... our passion.


Brian Rothschild
Director of Graduate Management Programs