Information Sessions

We are currently accepting applications to the Sevens 48-credit Flex MBA program.

Please join me for an information session to learn more about this unique MBA program that incorporates Stevens core competencies in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship into your learning experience. Incorporating a technology-centric approach with skills development along the core Four C’s, the Howe Flex MBA program is designed to help YOU succeed in today’s fast-paced technology-driven environments.

These information sessions are delivered over the web enabling you to participate from the convenience of your office or home. 

  • Hear an overview of the MBA program
  • Engage in a Q&A with the program director
  • Discover how the program can help you achieve your career goals. 

Click here to register for an upcoming session. 

Brian Rothschild
Director of Graduate Management Programs 


Month Day Time Event
May 27 12:00 PM Webinar
May 27 6:00 PM Webinar
June 4 12:00 PM Webinar
June 4 5:00 PM Webinar
June 8 12:00 PM Webinar
June 8 5:00 PM Webinar
June 17 12:00 PM Webinar
June 17 6:00 PM Webinar
June 25 9:00 AM Webinar
June 25 12:00 PM Webinar
June 30 12:00 PM Webinar
June 30 5:00 PM Webinar


For additional information please e-mail