Message from the Director

I am pleased to introduce our new 30-credit, Master of Science in Management program which has been designed for new or recent college graduates interested in acquiring management and business skills that can enhance their value proposition to employers. The program, which can be completed in one year, is specifically designed to complement undergraduate degree majors in disciplines such as science, engineering, liberal arts etc. It is not suitable for graduates from an undergraduate business degree program.

In today’s world, having technical skills is important, but it is not enough.  Augmenting those technical skills with specialized business skills adds a dimension to your credentials that will enhance your appeal to employers across any number of industries, functions and roles. 

The curriculum will expose you to a variety of managerial topics, from accounting and marketing to strategy and leadership. Developing broad-based business acumen and skills, in combination with your undergraduate degree, will position you for success, empowering you to solve problems, evaluate and sell your ideas, lead teams effectively, and take control of your career.

The program offers you a thorough grounding in business principles, strategies and tools. This multifaceted program complements your undergraduate training, making you more attractive to firms and organizations and better prepared to navigate new challenges throughout your career.

The Learning Environment

You will engage in challenging, fast-paced coursework that prepares you to successfully deal with on-the-job demands in a wide range of organizations, including business, government and non-profits. You will receive a thorough training in team leadership and develop skills in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. The program produces highly skilled graduates who stand out from their peers in the marketplace.

I wish you every success in the program.

Brian Rothschild
Program Director