Message from the Director

The Enterprise Project Management and Project Management program at Stevens prepares students to manage and lead enterprise-level projects. The program supplements the basic project management framework with education in advanced project management techniques and leadership skills.

Students who join the Project Management program at Stevens have the opportunity to focus on several degree options:

  • Project Management Graduate Certificate
  • Master of Science, Enterprise Project Management
  • Project Management Concentration leading to a Master of Science in several other degree areas including MBA, Telecommunications Management or MSIS

Unlike other universities who offer PM programs, we are constantly discovering new insights in project management. Our program is based on the latest research in project management, innovation and leadership. These new insights derived from our research are incorporated directly into our curriculum.
Our curriculum focuses on building strategic project management and leadership skills. The PM program starts with the fundamentals outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK): scope, schedule and resource management among other knowledge areas. Then the program goes beyond the fundamentals to teach students to achieve business value. Many project-related decisions have long-term consequences for the project’s stakeholders. Project managers must become project leaders in order to maintain the focus on creating business value.

A key differentiator in the Stevens PM program is the focus on leadership. A project manager’s work is accomplished by working with and through others. The key to success is the ability to influence constructively, build commitment, and demonstrate support. In addition, today’s workplace is increasingly global and multifunctional. In order to embrace the benefits of diversity, one must understand individual differences and how to connect with others.