The Ph.D. Advantage


The Howe School of Technology Management is located in Hoboken, only 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan. Hoboken offers an outstanding quality of life and is an ideal location; our proximity to the financial and political institutions opens many opportunities for conducting meaningful research.

Research-Active Multidisciplinary Faculty

Faculty members hold diverse, advanced degrees from prestigious national and international academic and research institutions. They have earned international reputations for their research and are widely published in academic journals and texts.

A Network Of Diverse Peers

While many picture doctoral study as a solitary pursuit, at the Howe School of Technology Management, it is a highly interactive process. Our Ph.D. students make up a diverse and interesting group. They come from many different parts of the world with widely different backgrounds. Some have enrolled directly from undergraduate programs, while others hold advanced degrees, have worked for several years, or are working in industry or governmental agencies. This diversity enhances the learning experience and helps our students achieve academic excellence.

Skill Development

Beyond the general skill development of common Ph.D. programs, which emphasize understanding and analysis, the Howe School of Technology Management's Ph.D. program also fosters the ability to create and apply. Our graduates are positioned for highly competitive jobs in academia and industry.

Multidisciplinary Program

The program integrates the knowledge of information management, technology and innovation management, and social computing to enable our graduates to conduct creative and innovative research in any of these knowledge domains. The integration of the different knowledge areas builds on the general insight that innovative ideas evolve at the intersections of different knowledge areas. Students will be exposed to fundamental and most recent research questions of each knowledge domain.

A Network of Mentors

It is likely that students work with several faculty members over the course of their studies. Together with the faculty members, students are able to develop their research skills, publish joint research papers and refine their dissertations.

Substantial External Research Funding

Faculty at the Howe School of Technology Management are very competitive in receiving funding for innovative and unique research projects. They received an above average amount of external research, funds enabling students to participate and work on some of the most innovative current research questions.