Next Generation Wireless Systems

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TM 617

This course provides a broad perspective on the services, applications, requirements, architecture, standards, and impact of emerging wireless networks. The new wireless services and applications, which are driving the development and deployment of new wireless networks, are defined and differentiated. The tradeoffs between customer requirements and network performance are analyzed. The fundamentals of next generation network interfaces and resource management and the impact of multiple international standards are explored. The architecture and operational scenarios of the two major third generation standards (UMTS and cdma2000) are examined and differentiated. UMTS and cdma2000 are compared from multiple perspectives, including network evolution, services and applications, global markets, and financial perspectives. Specific topics examined include services, applications, and QoS in next generation wireless networks along with the architecture and operational scenarios of global standards (UMTS and cdma2000) in next generation wireless networks.

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