Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and Sales

Course Number: 
MGT 723
This course focuses on the organizational, management and technology issues and considerations related to the sales and marketing function of the pharmaceutical industry as one of its principal boundary-spanning functions. This course will use extensive research and current literature on pharmaceutical sales and marketing business approaches and information technologies that drive or support sales and marketing plans as well as information and knowledge management considerations that drive competitive distinctiveness. This course will also explore the real and potential information and knowledge linkages between the sales and marketing function and the discovery, product development and supply chain functions of the pharmaceutical industry. Topics include linkage of the R&D/marketing and sales cost spiral, the industry focus on enhancing marketing and sales effectiveness, the relationship between information delivery mechanisms and physician prescribing habits, information technology's growing in marketing & sales, pharmaceutical sales & marketing and its relationship to the information value chain, the impact of new trends in discovery on sales and marketing approaches, and the growing role of the healthcare consumer.