Marketing Analytics

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BT 230
The course will examine how firms achieve improved performance through the use of quantitative tools and techniques to inform marketing decision making----with particular emphasis on decisions involving response advertising and customer relationships.   Each module of the course will begin with a review of a quantitative tool to which the students have already been exposed (e.g., net present value, statistical sampling theory, simulation, and regression analysis) and then illustrate the application of that tool in a marketing context.   The course will rely heavily on problem sets, web-based exercises, and case studies as opposed to lectures and will require that students prepare for, attend, and contribute to class discussions.   Examples of the kinds of decisions the course will examine range from the very tactical (how many names should be used to test the responsiveness of a direct mail list) to the strategic (how does one use the value of a firm’s customer relationships to estimate the value of the company).   Companies that will be examined through the use of case studies include Capital One™ and their information-based credit-card strategy, Progressive® and their MyRate(SM) pay-as-you-drive auto insurance, and Netflix®.
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