Marketing Research

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BT 214
This course exposes students to the entire marketing research process, from the problem formulation stage (at the very beginning) to the research findings report (at the very end).  This objective is achieved in two ways: in the classroom, where the approach is one of discussion, lecture, and in-class exercises; and in the real world, where students are required to work closely with an actual business client on a marketing research project concerning an actual product or service.(The instructor assists the students in securing a business client.) During the course, the topics covered include: the marketing research process and problem formulation, research design, primary data collection, data collection forms, attitude measurement, sampling procedures, sample size, collecting the data, data analysis interpretation of results, and the final research report.  The course builds heavily on the statistical foundation laid down during the prerequisite BT221 Statistics.  A statistical package (SPSS) will be used during the analysis stage of the research process.
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