An inside look at what's happening at Howe

Business students help engineer solar stunner

Stevens' Ecohabit team made a well-document splash in its recent competition, earning a fourth-place finish in an international competition designed to showcase new ideas in running energy-efficient solar homes. Stevens' entry in the contest has largely benefited from Howe students, who effectively built business and marketing plans, along with strategies to secure donations from companies. Full story>>

Howe remasters MBA to appeal to industry

As technology changes the workplace, shouldn't the skills developed by MBA candidates do the same? That's what the Howe School kept in mind when it undertook a campaign to relaunch its MBA program. Stevens took the wraps off this program in the fall, and the changes are aimed at making the degree even more attractive to the corporate community. Full story>>

Think different

There's a difference between the great ideas where everyone nods their heads, and the ones where everyone scratches their heads. The best entrepreneurs realize that if an idea sounds too familiar to an audience, it's because someone's already done it. A Howe-led entrepreneurship program is trying to teach engineering students the importance of the right mindset when it comes to developing new ideas for the market. Full story>>

Other highlights in this issue

Dean Gregory Prastacos discusses the Stevens honor code, and how it lends an edge to a Howe School education, in his message to readers. ... The success of an annual conference on high-frequency trading means organizers are changing the format and content to keep it valuable next time. ... A Howe professor's research into sentiment has drawn interest from Thomson Reuters. ... Howe professors have continued a dynamic partnership with a Malaysian university to teach entrepreneurship. ... Research at Howe is getting increased attention from scholars around the nation. ... Updates are helping keep the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab on the cutting edge.




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