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Housing Application Cancellation

The Housing application is a binding agreement from the time the application is submitted until a bed space is selected or assigned.  Students who cancel their housing application will be assessed a $400 cancellation fee.

Housing Contract

The Housing contract is in effect once a student has selected or been assigned to a bed space. 

On campus, Special Interest Housing, and Greek Housing Residents:  The housing contract is binding for both fall and spring semesters.  

Stevens Leased Housing Residents: The housing contract is binding from early July through early June of the following year. 

Spring only Residents: The contract is binding for the entire spring semester for those students residing in on campus, Special Interest Housing, and Greek Housing.   For students living in Stevens Leased Housing, the spring only Housing contract is binding from early January through early June.

Housing Contract Cancellation

Housing contract cancellation requests must be submitted online through myStevens, clicking the housing icon and choosing the “Cancellation Request Form”.  After this form is submitted, the Office of Residence Life will approve or deny the cancellation request within 3 business days. If you  are cancelling your current assignment, and your cancellation is granted, you are required to move out within 48 hours. Please provide supporting documentation for the request (if applicable).

Approved Housing Contract Cancellation

Students who meet one or more of the below requirements, and are approved for housing contract cancellation, may be assessed a cancellation fee and will have their housing fee prorated on a weekly basis from the time their housing term begins until they remove all items from the room and return the key. Housing charges are not based on usage but are based on room assignment term and room fees.  Approved reasons include:

·         Absence due to a Stevens-approved program (i.e., Co-op or study abroad)

·         Marriage

·         Leave of Absence (non-judicial)

·         Mid-Year Graduation

·         Transfer

·         Withdrawal

·         Not enrolled at Stevens

·         Unforeseen circumstances

Denied Housing Contract Cancellation

If you are removed from housing judicially required to vacate, suspended or dismissed from the University, you will not be eligible a housing refund. 

Students who are not approved to be released from the Housing Contract are subject to the following charges policy:

        Cancellation Timeline


Housing Application Submitted - Housing Assignment

Student will be charged the housing application cancellation fee.

Housing Assignment - September 15

Student will be charged 50% of housing fee + housing application cancellation fee.

September 16 - End of Spring Semester

Student will be charged 100% of the housing fee.

Meal Plan Cancellation

Meal plan charges are based on the meal plan membership selected or assigned, not based on usage.  Meal Plan cancellations are pro-rated on a weekly basis (Friday – Thursday) after a student receives confirmation their meal plan cancellation request has been granted.