7th Annual Modeling HF Data in Finance Conference

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Mission & Vision

The Hanlon Financial Systems Center at Stevens combines a financial systems research and training facility with a software engineering lab for both development and validation, as well as a cybersecurity testing facility. The combination of all three functions in a single integrated laboratory is the first of its kind.


The Hanlon Financial Systems Center is a state-of-the-art trading, research and teaching facility at Stevens Institute of Technology. Our objectives are:

1. To be a leader in providing a holistic graduate education experience that includes the traditional focus on economics and quantitative methods, but also a systems/software development and technology perspective, together with an exposure to related policy, legal and regulatory topics.

2. To provide a unique undergraduate experience resulting in a degree in Quantitative Finance, with a significant segment of the curriculum focused on synthesis, science, software engineering, and systemic approaches.

3. To conduct research into aspects such as systemic risk, enterprise-level risk management, and the interplay between policy and system behavior, and aspire to rise above any single perspective to address this complex, evolving system of systems. 


To apply systems thinking and related methods to analyze, understand, manage and predict the behavior of the global financial system.