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17 Nov 2020
Virtual - Zoom

Women @ SSE: Engineering Lecture Series: Dr. Diana S Kusunoki

How to Build Better Products Through Cross-Functional Collaboration: Deep Dive Into UX & Engineering Partnerships

Dr. Diana S Kusunoki

Join the [email protected] event featuring Dr. Diana S Kusunoki from White Ops who will share with us her unique experience as the User Experience & Research Manager at White Ops. 


A recent Forbes article on How UX is Transforming Business cites research by Forrester that found, “on average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%.” As more businesses begin to invest in and embrace UX, the need for strong cross-functional collaboration, especially between UX professionals and engineers, becomes clear. Diana will describe how she has blazed a path for UX at White Ops over the last 5 years through design leadership and cross-functional process development, focusing on the impact she has made with her engineering partners. She will also detail the ways in which UX professionals and engineers can support each other to build better products together.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Diana S Kusunoki has spent the last 15 years designing and building software platforms across industries including cybersecurity, pediatric trauma resuscitation, libraries, and small businesses. She is currently the User Experience & Research Manager at White Ops, a cybersecurity company protecting enterprises all over the globe—including the largest internet platforms—from sophisticated bots by verifying the humanity of more than ten trillion online interactions every week. Since joining White Ops, Dr. Kusunoki has become a cross-functional leader and created an integrated research and design program purpose-built to function within agile development environments for multiple lines of product. She specializes in architecting research-based user experiences by condensing complex data-driven workflows into intuitive experiences based on information synthesized from multi-disciplinary stakeholder needs.

Visit the [email protected] webpage to learn more about how this School of Systems and Enterprises engineering group brings diverse group of women and student engineers together to discuss opportunities and challenges for future industry leaders.

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