6 Feb 2019
Bobst Library, NYU

What Matters to Your Congressperson?

Presenter: Lindsey Cormack

Graphic reading NYCDH Week

For the 4th Annual NYCDH Week, Stevens' Lindsey Cormack will be leading the workshop, "What Matters to Your Congressman?". Participants will asses what their members of Congress prioritize in official communications by conducting beginner text analyses using a series of .gov websites and dcinbox.com.

Taking place at institutions throughout New York City, NYC Digital Humanities Week gives attendees the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, hear about projects from across the city, and become part of a vibrant and diverse community of scholars and practitioners.

Lindsey Cormack is an assistant professor in the College of Arts and Letters' social science and politics program. She created and maintains the DCinbox database of official legislator to constituent e-newsletters and recently published her book "Congress and U.S. Veterans: From the GI Bill to the VA Crisis."

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