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7 Nov 2018
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What Could/ Should Sustainability Mean to Scientists, Civil Servants, and Citizens: A Dialogue

Sustainability Seminar Series

Jaime Gray

Attendance is free but seating is limited to 30 people, so please RSVP to Dr. Sarkar at [email protected]

The fall Sustainability Seminar Series continues on October 3 with the talk "What Could/Should Sustainability Mean to Scientists, Civil Servants, and Citizens: A Dialogue" by Jaime Ewalt Gray of C. E. Bugdal, LLC.

This session will discuss ST(x,y,z)ES: Social, Technical, Ecological systems and how this concept pertains to sustainability and resiliency. The variables (x,y,z) are multi-faceted: included in the technical realm is human "ingenuity," agriculture, telecommunications, engineered infrastructure, etc.

We will discuss complex system dynamics, specifically how understanding nature's functioning (and its inherent resilience), human civilizations' response to opportunities for economic growth, different types of shocks, stressors and threats that can invite a better dialogue of governance, and governing for sustainable and resilient communities with a lowered impact on the Earth that sustains our human conditions.

Gray’s professional expertise is in regional, integrated and comprehensive approaches to environmental management and policy. As a public servant working for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for nearly 14 years, she researched and worked to modify and adapt policy approaches to: protect NJ’s watersheds; address regional and local concerns; create sustainable employment opportunities and; siting responsible and resilient economic (re-)development in the state. Her specific policy expertise resides in water quality regulation, rule writing, permitting, and negotiation, education and outreach to diverse stakeholders. Currently, she is the CEO of a consulting company that provides policy consulting for government, NGOs and real estate investors.

Gray graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology/Rutgers University in 2016 with a Ph.D. in environmental science and policy studies. Her master’s degree in biochemistry was awarded from Ohio State University and bachelor degrees in biology and biochemistry with a minor in nutritional science from Syracuse University.

For more information, please contact Dr. Dibs Sarkar at [email protected] For those who are unable to attend in person, the seminar will be live webcast via Stevens WebCampus and Blackboard Collaborate.

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