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8 Apr 2021
Virtual Zoom event

Translating Technology to Promote Organizational Change

Women Leaders in Technology Interview Series

A woman works at a smartboard.

What does it take to be successful in technology consulting? How can you catalyze organizational changes by helping nontechnical professionals understand technologies and their impact? How can we make technical fields more inclusive?

Join Prof. Wei Zheng , Roscitt Chair of Leadership at the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology, as she sits down with Elaine Turville, of Accenture, to explore these and related topics. A Q&A session with the audience will follow this live interview.

About the speaker

Headshot of Elaine TurvilleElaine Turville is a managing director at Accenture who handles the U.S. Department of Agriculture client relationship for Accenture Federal Services. Her skillset includes data, design thinking and cloud application technology. She consults with various federal agencies, foundations and nonprofits across the United States. Ms. Turville has been recognized as a top female leader in the technology industry by Women in Technology.

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