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20 Sep 2017
Altorfer 501 and online via Blackboard Collaborate

Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy Using Finance

Sustainability Seminar Series

The Sustainability Seminar Series continues both onsite and online via a Blackboard Collaborate webinar on Wednesday, September 20 with Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy Using Finance with Peter Fusaro, 41 North Partners LLC.

Peter Fusaro is a best-selling author, thought leader and advocate for a clean energy future. He has been engaged in sustainability since Earth Day 1970. He has been a policy maker in both Washington DC & the NYC Mayors’ Office. He worked with EPA to take the lead out of gasoline, co-write an environmental impact statement & created the first energy efficiency programs in NYC. He worked at a multinational oil company and was head of consulting for ABB (an original equipment manufacturer). He has had his own consultancy for 26 years, Global Change Associates, & runs the annual Wall Street Green Summit now in its 17th year. He worked with the Port Authority on energy efficiency programs & worked with the Toyota Prius development team. He ran a clean-tech venture capital fund. He is head of origination for a boutique investment bank, focused on clean energy, clean water and sustainable agriculture. He is also on the board of a UAE clean energy fund and a microfinance fund.

Peter has an MA international relations from Tufts & BA from Carnegie-Mellon. He was an adjunct professor at Columbia, where he created a renewable energy project development & finance course. He was on Michigan’s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise & is on Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability.

The Sustainability Seminar Series is organized by the Sustainability Management Master's program and sponsored by the Center for Environmental Systems and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering (CEOE). This seminar is also available online through Blackboard Collaborate.

 Blackboard Collaborate Webinar

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