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18 Nov 2020
Zoom Webcast

Thin Nearly Flat Elastic Glass Shells with Stretching and Bending (a problem stated by Corning Inc., NY)

Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematical Sciences department is hosting a research seminar series titled "Application of Mathematics in Industrial problems", with monthly lectures on important mathematical applications in the industry.


We are concerned with thin rectangular glass plates which are thin enough to be affected by thermal stresses due to a temperature distribution, but thick enough that the initial non-flat shape, though small, provides a resistance to both bending and stretching. Ideally, produced glass sheets will be perfectly flat and uniform; however it is important to be able to estimate the magnitude and general form of imperfections that may stem from various deviations in the manufacturing process, first of all, non-uniform heat distribution. The basis for the analysis are plate equations, which form the system of 4-th order partial differential equations.


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