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13 Nov 2019
Altorfer 501

Sustainable Coffee: From Bean to Cup

Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series

Attendance is free but seating is limited to 30 people, so please RSVP to Dr. Sarkar at [email protected]

Keith Lemnios
Founder/CEO, Sun Coffee Roasters

Can’t function without your morning cup? Consider this: it takes a coffee bean three years to mature into a fruit-bearing plant, and the beans of an entire tree to create one pound of roasted coffee. Painstakingly picked, bean by bean, green coffee undergoes a complex process before it ends up as your daily cup of java. Sun Coffee Roasters founder Keith Lemnios outlines the journey of launching a sustainable coffee company along with the people and process behind our daily beverage.

Keith Lemnios is the founder of Sun Coffee Roasters, a privately-held coffee importer, roaster and distributor located just outside of Hartford, Connecticut. Sun Coffee Roasters specializes in producing fair trade and sustainable coffees for college and university dining services throughout the country. Keith started Sun in 2009 after over two decades of experience in the coffee industry. The company’s mission to deliver rich coffee that appeals not only to consumer’s taste buds, but to their sense of global responsibility by ensuring that farmers in developing countries earn a living wage.

For more information, please contact Dr. Dibs Sarkar at [email protected] For those who are unable to attend in person, the seminar will be live webcast via Stevens WebCampus and Blackboard Collaborate.

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