Talks & Lectures
12 Nov 2019
Davidson Laboratory 242

Stepped Planing Hulls

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering


This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of the lift and drag of high-speed planing craft, and the realities that cause designers to pursue more advanced hull forms, such as a stepped planing hulls. The particular case of the stepped, cambered planing hull (aka "Dynaplane") will be discussed, followed by a brief introduction to maneuvering considerations of planing craft. This will focus on the importance of directional stability in the design of high-speed craft. The target audience of the presentation will be undergraduate and graduate students of Naval Engineering at any level.


Dr. Michael G. Morabito is the Director of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the United States Naval Academy. He completed his Ph.D. from Stevens in 2011. He holds a master's degree from Virginia Tech and a bachelors from Webb Institute. His research interests include physical model testing of high speed craft, as well as boating safety.

Pizza will be served at noon.



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