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24 Apr 2017
Babbio 541 / CCSE LAB & Virtual via WebEX

SSE Seminar Series: Wouter Leibbrandt, TNO Embedded Systems Innovation

Managing complexity in High-Tech systems:
 Research at TNO Embedded Systems Innovation

Managing complexity in High-Tech systems:
Research at TNO Embedded Systems Innovation

BY Wouter Leibbrandt - Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO


This presentation will give an overview of research performed at TNO-Embedded Systems Innovation, a leading research group of around 45 research scientist within the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). It contributes to society and economy by driving advances in high-tech and embedded systems design at a multidisciplinary level, with a strong shared research program, dedicated innovation support services and a focused competence development program. Its key objective is to raise high-tech and embedded system design from a craft to a scientifically based engineering discipline. TNO-ESI works for global technology leaders with research programs that focus on the design of complex high-tech systems. Research programs are tailored to address a variety of application domains, such as microelectronics manufacturing, medical imaging, IC design, high-end printing solutions, digital consumer products, safety & security, etc. These applications are typically characterized by the large-scale and tightly coupled integration of intelligent components and multidisciplinary enabling technologies. Our success is based on delivering high-impact methods, techniques and tools that increase the rate of innovation, both to industry and societal applications. Please refer to for further details. In the presentation we will present examples of our research and also dive into our roadmap for the future.

Wouter Leibbrandt joined TNO in March 2016 to head up the Embedded Systems Innovation department (TNO-ESI). TNO-ESI focusses on the development of new methods and techniques for design and engineering of increasingly complex high-tech (embedded) systems. It does so in strong partnership and close collaboration with leading high-tech companies such as ASML, Philips, Thales, NXP, Océ, Thermo-Fisher and DAF as well as with leading academic groups in the Netherlands and across Europe. Until early 2016 Wouter has been with NXP Semiconductors for 10 years, where he managed the Advanced Applications Lab, investigating new application concepts around future advanced silicon products, driving secure connections for a smarter world. The recurring theme here is that everything is getting connected with everything (IoT). Before joining NXP, he was with Philips Research labs for 14 years, managing a variety of projects and departments. From 2004 to 2006 he lived and worked in China, founding and managing part of the Philips Research labs in Shanghai. Wouter holds a PhD in physics from Utrecht University.

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