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19 Mar 2018
Babbio 541 (CCSE) & online via WebEX

SSE Seminar: Martin Törngren, KTH

Engineering challenges in dealing with the Cyber-Physical Systems of tomorrow

Engineering challenges in dealing with the  Cyber-Physical Systems of tomorrow

BY Martin Törngren - Professor - Embedded Control Systems, Department of Machine Design at KTH


In embarking towards Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) with unprecedented capabilities it becomes essential to improve our understanding of CPS complexity and how we can deal with it. We investigate facets of CPS complexity and the limitations of Collaborating Information Processing Systems (CIPS) in dealing with those facets. By CIPS we refer to teams of humans and computer-aided engineering systems that are used to develop CPS. Furthermore, we specifically analyze characteristic differences among software and physical parts within CPS. The analysis indicates that it will no longer be possible to rely only on architectures and skilled people, or process and model/tool centered approaches. The tight integration of heterogeneous physical, cyber, CPS components, aspects and systems, results in a situation with interfaces and interrelations everywhere, each requiring explicit consideration. The role of model-based and computer aided engineering will become even more essential, and design methodologies will need to deeply consider interwoven systems, and software and data aspects, including the hidden costs of software.

Martin Törngren is a Professor in Embedded Control Systems at the Mechatronics division, Department of Machine Design at KTH, since 2002. He has a strong interest in multidisciplinary research spanning systems, software, control, computer science and mechatronics. Past years he has in particular focused on model based engineering, safety and architectural design in the context of software-intensive cyber-physical systems. He is the initiator of the KTH-industry competence network (ICES) and has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary academia/industry collaborations.


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