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9 Nov 2018
CCSE Lab, Babbio 541A

SSE Lecture Series: Distilling Crowd Knowledge in Software Engineering

Chunyang Chen, Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University

Photo of SSE Lecture on Distilling Crowd Knowledge in Software Engineering

This event is open to all Stevens students, faculty, alumni, staff and invited guests.


During the evolution of software development, a lot of software development experience and knowledge has been recorded in different software repositories such as source code in GitHub, Q&A discussions in Stack Overflow, software vulnerabilities in CVE database, etc. How to effectively leverage such big data to assist developers is an interesting, but challenging task.

In this talk, I will introduce some of my research works about constructing knowledge graphs in the software engineering domain by distilling crowd knowledge from mining unstructured data in software repositories with NLP, deep learning and data mining methods. The current software-specific knowledge graph can assist developers in different aspects including rendering technology landscape, recommending analogical libraries or APIs, and comparing similar software technologies.


Chunyang Chen is a lecturer (Assistant Professor) from Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He obtained his Ph.D from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research is mainly about mining software repository (e.g., Stack Overflow and GitHub), automated software engineering process like automatically converting UI design to source code, and human-computer interaction, especially about UI design and the collaborative working. He has published tens of research papers in top venues such as ICSE, ASE, CSCW. Register to attend...

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