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12 Oct 2017
River Terrace - outside Babbio

Solid State Logic AWS Truck at Stevens - Music Production System Mobile Demo

Hosted by Music & Technology program

Solid State Logic AWS Truck

Solid State Logic will be at Stevens on October 12th beginning at 12 p.m. on River Terrace outside Babbio. Stop by for a demonstration in their fully-equipped studio!

The Solid State Logic AWS Truck is a custom-built mobile demonstration studio featuring two distinct music production systems: The AWS 948 Delta hybrid studio production console and a collection of SSL I/O and SuperAnalogueTM outboard processors and the Nucleus2 with a particular emphasis on its use in Dante-based multi-seat teaching labs.

The truck’s acoustic treatment was designed by Russ Berger to provide a professional and comfortable listening environment for demonstrating SSL’s range of hybrid studio technology.

The truck features the AWS 948 Delta console (featuring the newly-upgraded SSL Delta-Control hybrid automation system) to demonstrate Pro Tools and Logic DAW integration in stereo and 5.1 surround. Digital audio is routed from the DAW computer to SSL Alpha-Link AD/DA converters via Dante and SSL's Network I/O MADI-Bridge.

Also featured on the demonstration truck are the TotalRecallTM-equipped X-Rack modular outboard system and the Sigma Analogue Mix Engine. Guests can experience the sound clarity of SSL's SuperAnalogue and the accelerated workflow of the new hybrid technology with Delta-Control. Nucleus2 is widely regarded as the most comprehensive professional option available for inside-the-box audio production. The Dante-based network includes the SSL Stagebox and allows them to demonstrate the benefits of a Nucleus2 education lab: Multiple student workstations can share audio sources from a single or multiple recording spaces. All the audio is also controllable by the instructor, all via Dante.

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