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13 Feb 2018
McLean 510

Securing the Mobile Networked Systems: A Control/Data-Plane Perspective

CS Seminar Series: Yuanjie Li, UCLA

Yuanjie Li

The 4G and upcoming 5G mobile networks have various built-in security mechanisms from day one. Despite this, this talk will show that they cannot well protect the control plane, data plane, and their interactions. Such vulnerabilities not only threat the networks, but also propagate to mobile OS/app and cause new attacks.

In this talk, I will present new attacks and defenses for the 4G/5G control and data planes. In 4G, I will show how they can be exploited for unauthorized free mobile data, high-priority QoS, and voice session secret leakage. I will present collaborative defenses between mobile device and network, and across software and hardware. For 5G and beyond, I will demonstrate how to securely accelerate the control plane for 10x data access latency reduction. I will further present OS/app-level attacks caused by the control/data plane, and a data-driven defense against them.


Yuanjie Li received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA in 2017. His research interests include network security, networked systems, and mobile computing. He is a recipient of ACM MobiCom’17 and MobiCom'16 Best Community Paper Awards, UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship in 2016, and Outstanding Chinese Oversea Graduate Student Award in 2016. He is the co-founder of MobIQ Technologies, a startup that offers vertical mobile network analytics for mobile operators and application vendors. His work has resulted in an open-source community tool (MobileInsight), which has been used by 268 universities and companies since its release in 2016.

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