9 Oct 2017
Babbio Center, Room 122, Stevens

SAIL 2017 Conference: Digital Innovation

A red field with digital computing elements, bearing the logo for the SAIL conference on digital innovation.

Digital innovation has fundamentally changed the world as we know it — both immediately, in the new ways we communicate, shop and consume media, and more subtly, by shifts in manufacturing, government and security. In a short time, this disruptive force has transformed every industry. To remain competitive in the digital age, every organization must consider itself a technology business. By leveraging opportunities to develop digital products, and using predictive data and analytics to better understand both customers’ behavior and internal performance, businesses can grow revenue, cut costs and even build additional revenue streams with new digital capabilities.

This one-day conference, presented by Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership, will offer a full day of stimulating, interactive discussions with speakers from industry and academia, giving business executives insight into how to bring ideas from digital innovation to their business unit and enterprise. Invited speakers include:

  • Chris Condon, managing director of digital transformation, Accenture
  • Dr. Kenneth Budka, Consulting Principal, Bell Labs
  • Dave Copps, CEO, augmented intelligence and visualization, Brainspace
  • Matt Konwiser, cybersecurity, IBM Watson
  • Dr. Cherif Amirat, CIO, Digital Innovation Lab, IEEE
  • Dr. Michael zur Muehlen, Associate Dean of Graduate Academics, Stevens School of Business

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