Talks & Lectures
9 Oct 2019
Burchard B715

Quantum Magnetism and Quantum Metrology with Ultracold Polar Molecules

Department of Physics

By Chunlei Qu

(JILA, University of Colorado Boulder & Department of Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology)


The recent creation of ultracold molecules in the lab has greatly enriched the family of ultracold quantum matter. Cold molecules not only provide fundamental new insights into quantum chemical reactions but also offer new platforms for quantum computing and precision measurements. When loaded in deep optical lattices with at most one polar molecule in each lattice site, the collision and chemical reaction between molecules are strongly prohibited whereas an anisotropic and long-range dipolar interaction is still present. In this talk, I will describe the idea of engineering an XXZ-type spin Hamiltonian with polar molecules and then show that a giant spin squeezing can be generated in the non-equilibrium dynamics which has important applications for quantum metrology. In the end, I will sketch the group’s main research directions at Stevens.

(For motivated students, if you are interested in exploring this exciting research field, please send me an email to find out more.)


Dr. Chunlei Qu is currently a research associate at JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas and was a postdoctoral researcher at the BEC Center, University of Trento in Italy. His research focuses on studying novel quantum states and dynamics that are useful for quantum computation, quantum information processing, quantum metrology, etc., in atomic, molecular, and optical systems, as well as condensed matter systems.

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