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15 Apr 2020
DeBaun Auditorium

President's Distinguished Lecture Series: 5 Things To Tackle Climate Change

Mr. Ralph Izzo, Chairman, President & CEO, PSEG

Ralph Izzo Headshot

Despite warnings that we have a limited window within which we must make drastic cuts to global carbon emissions, the world is moving in the wrong direction. PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo believes there are five actions that we all must focus on today to reduce the most damaging impacts of climate change tomorrow, including: Price on carbon, Renewables, Nuclear, Energy efficiency, and Electrification of transportation. Of course, there is no single solution to a zero-carbon future. We have historically relied on an all-of-the-above strategy to build reliability and resiliency into our electric grid. Now, the same all-of-the-above approach – focused on these five things – can help us on our way to a low- and eventually no-carbon future.

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