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16 Nov 2017
Carnegie 316

Nietzsche and Transhumanism: Is Transhumanism a Dangerous Idea?

Panel Discussion in collaboration with the Nietzsche Circle, New York

Moderated by Gregory Morgan
Associate Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Transhumanism focuses on the possibility of enhancing human life through the use of technology. Goals that are pursued include the extension of human life span, increased cognitive abilities, wet-ware/hard-ware interfaces, and the uploading of neurological information on digital platforms. Nietzsche has often been named as a precursor of transhumanism, especially with his famous idea of the overhuman, or superman (Uebermensch). Others see in Nietzsche a potential enemy, emphasizing that he is less interested in enhancing human life than in experiencing it more deeply. Transhumanism, for some, is a dangerous idea because it makes us lose what is genuinely human. The panel will discuss the meaning and purpose of transhumanism, and show how it can be interpreted from a Nietzschean point of view.

Babette Babich, professor of philosophy at Fordham University. Her most recent book is entitled The Hallelujah Effect: Music, Performance Practice and Technology (London, 2016).
Francesca Ferrando, philosopher of the posthuman, teaches philosophy at NYU, program of liberal studies. The magazine “ORIGIN” named her one of the 100 Top Creatives making a difference in the world.
Gregory Morgan is an associate professor of philosophy at Stevens Institute of Philosophy. He is the editor of Philosophy of Science Matters (OUP, 2011).
Michael Steinmann is a professor of philosophy at Stevens Institute of Technology. His books include The Ethics of Friedrich Nietzsche (Berlin/New York, 2000).
Yunus Tuncel, teaches philosophy at NYU, program of liberal studies, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Nietzsche Circle. He is the editor of Nietzsche and Transhumanism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), the book which is celebrated and discussed at this event.

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