Talks & Lectures
9 Feb 2018
CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5417

New York Group Theory Seminar

Robert Gilman: Algorithmic Genericity

Stevens mathematician Robert Gilman will give a lecture in the historic New York Group Theory Seminar this Friday. He will speak about his recent research on algorithmic genericity.

Abstract: The idea of genericity in geometric group theory was suggested by Gromov and Ol’shanskii in the late 1980’s and has attracted many researchers since then. However the several models of genericity have produced occasional contradictory estimates of generic properties of random instances. This talk is aimed at avoiding such contradictions by viewing group theoretic genericity through the lens of Kolmogorov complexity. (No knowledge of Kolmogorov complexity is assumed.)

The seminar is held in the CUNY Graduate Center. For more information, visit the seminar website.

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