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13 Feb 2019
Fielding Room, Howe Center

Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: Key to Your Startup's Success

Stevens Venture Center Speaker Series

David Kamien

The Stevens Venture Center presents David Kamien, CEO and founder of Mind-Alliance, to share the importance of market intelligence for startups. Reliable market intelligence can make the difference between the success or failure of your startup. Market intelligence is mission-critical because it enables you to understand your customers, trends, competitors and other business environment factors. This knowledge will position your product and help you raise investment capital. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not fully appreciate the importance of market intelligence or approach it in a strategic, effective and efficient manner. In this presentation you will learn why market intelligence is critical and how to make it a core process. We’ll also discuss practical ways to obtain and produce reliable market intelligence so you can factor it into your strategic decision making.

David Kamien is the CEO and founder of Mind-Alliance Systems, a NJ-based company that drives innovation strategy for leading global law firms and legal departments and is building a market intelligence software platform.

Pizza will be served.

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