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24 Jan 2018
Babbio Center, Room 104

Looking OUTSIDE to Innovate Within

Stevens Venture Center Speaker Series

The Stevens Venture Center Speaker Series presents John Palumbo, the founder of BigHeads Network.

  • Why would the R&D leader at a cosmetics company collaborate with a car restoration specialist and a paint industry professional?
  • Why would a data marketing team collaborate with a screenwriter and a novelist?
  • Why would a corporate HR manager collaborate with a casting director and an NCAA basketball coach?

Because the most innovative leaders and organizations "go off the beaten path" and spend time with experts and thought-leaders from outside (including unexpected) fields to learn about their strategies, processes, tools and technologies and then connect-the-dots between the information they gather and their own business objectives and priorities.

Unfortunately, the majority of executives and teams are not taking the time to explore outside areas and perspectives to find novel solutions and learn crucial skills, because this type of industry "cross pollination" is an unfamiliar and uncomfortable practice that universities and business schools do not teach and companies have not formally systematized or trained their employees to do.

That is where BigHeads Network founder, John Palumbo, comes in. John has been bringing companies such as American Express, Domino’s, GE and P&G together with diverse thought-leaders (he calls them “BigHeads”) since 2006 so they can discover unique and unexpected insights, strategies, technologies and ideas that will dramatically influence their business.

As part of this exclusive “boot camp” (John refuses to call it a “lecture”) he will provide you with cross pollination tenets, thought-starters and recommendations that you can apply to any objective or business challenge you are facing and arm you with a skill set you can use now and for the rest of your professional career.

Pizza will be served.

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