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21 Apr 2021
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Leveraging Vibrations and Waves: from Smart/Meta-structures to Human Skull-brain System

Department of Mechanical Engineering

photo of Dr. Alper Erturk

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This talk will be centered on exploiting vibration and elastic/acoustic wave phenomena in various platforms ranging from smart material- and metamaterial-based structures to human skull-brain system. First, we will visit the topic of piezoelectric energy harvesting, which is a research domain that aims to enable self-powered electronic components, such as wireless sensors. We will discuss wideband vibration energy harvesting by leveraging intentionally introduced nonlinearities, aeroelastic and hydroelastic energy harvesting as fluid-structure interaction problems, and the enhanced harvesting of elastic and acoustic waves via phononic crystal concepts. Fiber-based flexible piezoelectric structures and their use in bio-inspired actuation and underwater locomotion will be summarized next. Our recent efforts on the use of elastic waveguides with piezoelectric elements shunted to an array of synthetic impedance circuits will be presented as programmable metamaterials, with case studies spanning from vibration/wave attenuation via tunable bandgaps to reciprocity breaking via spatiotemporal shunt modulation. Examples will also be given on wireless acoustic power/data transfer to inaccessible or implanted electronic components. We will conclude with vibration-based elastic parameter identification for high-fidelity modeling of the human skull, which is used in guided wave simulations and experiments toward a fundamental understanding of leaky Lamb wave-based transcranial ultrasound to access the brain periphery efficiently.


Dr. Alper Erturk is the Woodruff Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. His theoretical and experimental research interests are in dynamics, vibration, and acoustics of passive and active structures. He has published more than 200 articles in archival journals and conference proceedings, 5 book chapters, and 2 books (total citations exceeding 15,500 with an h-index of 56). He is a recipient of various awards including the ASME C.D. Mote Jr. Early Career Award for “research excellence in the field of vibration and acoustics”, ASME Gary Anderson Early Achievement Award for “notable contributions to the field of adaptive structures and material systems”, SEM James Dally Young Investigator Award for “research excellence in the field of experimental mechanics”, two ASME Energy Harvesting Best Paper Awards, and an NSF CAREER Award in Dynamical Systems, among others. He is a Fellow of ASME and SPIE.

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