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25 Jan 2021
Virtual Event - Link Below

Let's Talk About the Future of AI at Stevens and Beyond

With Jason Corso, Director of SIAI and CS Professor

photograph of Jason Corso


AI is impacting all aspects of society, from healthcare to education and childhood to professional life. It has a great potential to empower us all, even those with no training in science and engineering. With this great power, comes great responsibility. In this talk, I will introduce myself to the greater Stevens community by giving a brief overview of my scholarly and professional work over the last two decades. I will contextualize this work in the greater AI enterprise that has been making waves across the globe, and make an effort to catalog what I believe are the key issues and challenge in AI. Finally, I will chart an initial course for the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence.


Jason Corso has over 20 years experience in academic research on video understanding, robotics and data science and has commercialized university-based research to benefit healthcare, chemical engineering, autonomous driving and other applications.

He has also made expertise-backed policy contributions in law enforcement, laid the groundwork for improving the social-environmental well-being of urban communities and co-founded Voxel51, a computer vision startup, which makes developer tools to enable machine learning engineers to perform rapid experimentation with their image and video datasets for improved A.I. methods.

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